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hans, doll

December 2015

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hans, doll

Friends Only.

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Comment to be taken into consideration. Thanks :D.


dude, finding where you are from that community is staring to become a downer :[
Where do I know you from? :D Sorry, I have quite possibly the worst memory in the planet.
this is Tyber, aka push.tyber. i'm assuming this is sebastian and i'm not making an ass of myself and making a mistake

we used to talk back in the day and then lost touch with eachother

i've got a shit memory too man, so no offence taken
HA! well then i apolohise for bothering you :]
meow-its miffhorror from deviant art x
hallo. I'm ifeeldancey on devart. I'm not very active on devart these days but I'm on LJ frequently. >_>
Once a million years ago I believe I said I would add your journal since you where leaving da. And I am just getting around to it now.by the by this is Shnails.
hi : ) this is m-a-k-o from DA and i saw the awesome pic for miffyhorrorshow, wonderful art!
YOU. betch. dat's right, you. <3

ps it is milo2 from dA and i found you through fricku's lj profile because i'm one of those stalkers.

pps but at least i'm a nice stalker.
I stalked you through Dorrie's. It's Erica from school. Provided you are willing to listen to (or scroll past) my (more than occasional) rambles about visual kei, can we be LJ friends? (^.^)v
You can haz friend. :D Assuming I can has as well? :D
But of course~!
This is Kris from school :P
I found you threw Erica and Dorrie's lol.
If you post art/sketches on here I would love to be added. Your DA gallery is filled with awesome. :)